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    FOR THE TERM 2007 TO 2010

    1. AFSUMB Education Committee:

    On 16 November 2007, Newly Elected AFSUMB Council sat in a meeting at Bangkok where an Education Committee was formed as below:

    1. Dr. Kanu Bala-BSU, Councilor AFSUMB        Chairman
    2. Dr. Yi-Hong Chou-CTSUM, Past Chairman EC     Member
    3. Dr. Masatoshi Kudo-JSUM, President Elect AFSUMB  Member
    4. Dr. Seung Hyup Kim-KSUM, Secretary AFSUMB    Member
    5. Dr. Wilaiporn Bothisuwan-MUST, Councilor AFSUMB Member
    6. Dr. Cheng-Wen Chiang-CTSUM, President AFSUMB  Ex-Officio Member

    2. AFSUMB Workshops:

    During this three year time AFSUMB has organized four Workshops as below:

    1. 5th AFSUMB Workshop: Holliday Inn Galleria Manila, Manila, Philippine: 19 and 20 March 2008: Host-Philippine Society of Ultrasound in Clinical Medicine [PSUCM]
    2. 6th AFSUMB Workshop: Auditorium of USI Premises, Rao Tula Ram Marg, New Delhi, India: 22 & 23 November 2008: Host-Indian Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology [IFUMB]
    3. 7th AFSUMB Workshop: Novotel Manga Dua Square Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia 5, 6 & 7 November 2009: Host-Indonesian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine [ISUM]
    4. 8th AFSUMB Workshop: Training and Information Centre: Ministry of Health: Ulaanbaatar: Mongolia: 5, 6 & 7 August 2010: Host-Mongolian Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound [MSDU]

    3. AFSUMB Education Committee Meetings:

    During this time AFSUMB Education Committee has met four times as below:

    1. 1st Education Committee Meeting: 20 March 2008: Manila: Philippine
    2. 2nd Education Committee Meeting: 23 November 2008: New Delhi, India
    3. 3rd Education Committee Meeting: 2 September 2009: Sydney, Australia
    4. 4th Education Committee Meeting: 6 August 2010: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    4. AFSUMB CME Credit Points:

    AFSUMB Education Committee has formulated a policy for allotting ‘AFSUMB CME Credit Points’ to those who are interested. This policy statement is accepted by the AFSUMB Executive Council. The following Affiliated Societies have applied and received ‘AFSUMB CME Credit Points’ for their education programs:

    1. Indonesian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine [ISUM]
    2. Indian Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology [IFUMB]
    3. Bangladesh Society of Ultrasonography [BSU]
    4. Mongolian Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound [MSDU]

    5. ‘AFSUMB CME Credit’ Logo:

    AFSUMB Education Committee has proposed an ‘AFSUMB CME Credit Point’ Logo which will be displayed on the education materials and certificates of the education programs seeking the Credit Points.

    This ‘AFSUMB CME Credit’ Logo will be placed before the AFSUMB Council at its Delhi meeting for acceptance.

    6. Representation of AFSUMB EC in WFUMB Congress:

    AFSUMB Council selects a number of representatives amongst its affiliated societies for presenting papers in the WFUMB Congress. Education Committee likes to propose that one representative from the AFSUMB Education Committee will be selected for presenting paper on the education activities of the AFSUMB in the WFUMB Congress.

    Dr. Kanu Bala

    Chairman of Education Committee
    Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology