Videos of ultrasonography of normal fetal structures
  • Description (PDF)
  • First trimester
    1. Sagittal view of fetal brain
    2. Coronal view of fetal face
  • Mid-trimester
    1. Brain: Corpus callosum
    2. Brain: Sagittal view of fetal brain
    3. Brain: Coronal view of fetal brain
    4. Face : Coronal view of the fetal upper lip
    5. Face : Transverse view of the fetal hard palate
    6. Face : Superimposed-line sign
    7. Face : Coronal view of the fetal orbits
    8. Heart: From the basal four-chamber view to the left ventricular outflow tract view
    9. Heart: From the apical four-chamber view to three-vessel trachea view
    10. Heart: Four-chamber view, left ventricular outflow tract, three vessel and trachea view and branches of pulmonary trunk
    11. Heart: Radiant flow
    12. Abdomen: Umbilical portal venosus system
    13. Feet
    14. Vocal cords: Movement
  • Third trimester
    1. Heart

  • Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology